Animal Behavior - Elements of behavior

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Animal Behavior - Elements of behavior

LAB SIMULATIONClick here to make Pavlov's Dog Drule.Write in your notebookwhat made the dog drule and what did not.

Insight learning- when an animal applies something it has already learned to a new situation, without a period of trial and error

Habituation- simplest type of learning; process by which an animal decreases or stops its response to a repetitive stimulus that neither rewards nor harms the animal

Operant Conditioning- An animal learns to behave in a certain way through repeated practice, in order to receive a reward or avoid punishment. Also called trial and error

Classical Conditioning- any time an animal makes a mental connection between a stimulus and some kind of reward or punishment

Learned behavior, appears after animals alter their behavior as a result of experienceTypes- habituation, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and insight learning

Behavior- a reaction to changes in its internal condition or external environmentSimple, such as turning your head when you hear a noise. complex like washing your food before you eat it.

Elements of Animal Behvaior1)Record the definitions into your notebook and give an example of each. 2) Complete mission at the bottom of the page after your notes are complete.

Imprinting -learn to recognize and follow the first moving object that they see during a critical time early in their lives. Usually the object is their mother-Some examples are -very young animals, such as ducks and geese,

Innate behavior, also called an instinct, appears in fully functional form the first time they are performed, even though the animal may have had no previous experience with the stimuli to which it responds

Response-A single specific reaction to a stimulus-( such as waking up when you hear an alarm) A behavior may consist of more than one response.

*Behaviors are performed when an animal reacts to a Stimulus

Click Here to see an Example of Insight learningWith Champanzees

Your MissionPick a type of animal learning/conditioning from this glog. You and up to 3 other group members will create a skit that displays that behavior. The rest of the class will be trying to determine the type of learning/ conditioning you chose.



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