Animal- Assisted Therapy

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Animal- Assisted Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical illness, mental disorders, or just have special needs can all benefit from animal-assisted therapy. By just having a dog around it can lower blood pressure, reduce reoccurring heart attacks, reduce allergies, lower stress levels, and improve those with disabilities day to day lives.

Animal-assisted therapy is beneficial to anyone with special needs.

According to Dr. Jeff Burgess a doctor from the University of Washington Pain Center, when a fibromyalgia patient physically interacts with an animal it takes the attention off of their own pain.

Sandra B. Barker, Ph.D. and Kathryn S. Dawson, Ph.D. conducted a study on hospitalized psychiatric patient’s anxiety levels and how they were impacted by a short session spent with a therapy dog. The results showed that, statistically, patients with a number of psychiatric disorders had a notable drop in anxiety levels during those sessions.

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