Animal Abuse Project Intro III

by davincico
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Animal Abuse Project Intro III

eeing is believing. Its PAINFUL.


Its not just about animals anymore, ITS ABOUT ALL OF US.

One BIG question keep surfacing all the time.

1. to control an animal 2. to retaliate against an animal 3. to retaliate against another person 4. to satisfy a prejudice against a species or breed 5. to express anger through an animal 6. to enhance one's own aggressiveness 7. to shock people for amusement 8. to displace hostility from a person to an animal 9. to perform non-specific sadism 10.Commerical Purposes (etc. fur trade)

WHY do people abuse animals?


typologies have been identified by researches around the world. In the cases within the animal cruelty database, we see these typologies over and over:

People abuse animals for the same reasons they abuse people. Some of them will stop with animals, but enough have been proven to continue on to commit violent crimes to people that it's worth paying attention to.

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