Animal Abuse new and done

by Samieei
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Animal Abuse new and done

Animal abuse

Try to make a change in an animals life. Try to give an animal a happy heathy living environment.Why not have a happy pet rather then an unhappy one.Animals are friends not a wepon to take your anger out on.Make your change!

1,880 animal cruelty cases where cased in 2007 for all kinds of animals.

18% of aniaml abuse reports where about cats.

Some people dont report animal abuse happening but 75% do.

For dogs that are abused the types that are abused Pit-Bulls are the main type. And second would be Rottweilers.

befor 1986 there was 2,678 reports for

Animal fighting has been most common and banned in Mexcio/New Mexico

1/2-2/3 of aniamls in shelters have been abused.

There has been almost more aniamls in shelters bacause of abuse then anaimls in homes.

In America there is about 84% of aniamls being abused.

Why hurt, why take anger out on aniamls. They dont have a say to say what they feel. i see what thsoe poor animals in shelters look like and they dont look happy. Who knows they could have been beaten and they look for a good home. Exactly what they are thinking, a new home happier then the last one. But you take them home to eaither fight and or absue. WHY???Make a change help out at shelters and give the aniamls love and care. Make your change!<3


Treat your pets like you would treat your best friend.



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