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Anh Do

Anh Do and his family fled to Australia as refugees in 1980. Anh Do, his family and other passengers survived five days in a leaky fishing boat that was only nine and a half meters long and two meters wide. During the trip, his family and the rest of the passengers were attacked by two different clusters of pirates. The first group stole one out of the two engines, and the second group of pirates stole the second engine, which had been broken but Anh Do’s father repaired it using only a piece of rubber from a thong. It was reported that when the second crew of pirates left, one of them threw a gallon of water overboard which kept all but one of the refugees alive, until they were finally rescued by a German Merchant ship. The boat was packed with 40 Vietnamese refugees fleeing across the Indian Ocean.


Anh Do had many accomplishments, but the one he was most proud of was buying his mum a house as they have moved 17 times and no one can kick them out anymore. It was Anh Do's dream to buy his mum a house and has been working to achieve his goal from an early age. When he was just 13 he earned $6.80 an hour in a clothing sweatshop, then at 14, he started a small business after learning that spending $15 on an adult fish could spawn 500 babies. As a first-year university student at UTS he ran a small market stall selling American Indian artefacts. The stall soon grew to four franchise stores.

Why did he move to Australia?

Ahn do lived in Vietnam and had a great life but hard times ofen occurred in their family. He was born in 1977. World War 2 was occurring and their home was chaos. He left Vietnam at an extremely young age of 2. His family decided to settle in another country because they wanted to start a new life.




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