Angus Travel Report.4

by kcamp188
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 Angus Travel Report.4

Central Park

At the zoo we saw lots of animals like penguins, bears, birds and tropical animals but there wasn't as many as Australia zoo.

At Central Park we hired bikes and rode around the park. The park is 4KM long and 800m wide.

We went to the base of the Statue of Liberty by boat, it was really tall, you could do a climb to the crown. DID YOU KNOW?That the Statue of Liberty actually came from Paris and in the 1900's you could climb to the flame.

At the 9/11 memorial I saw a fire truck that I was literally squashed and broken in half. I also saw lots of the bases of the pillars that held the twin towers up.


New York. NY

Central Park ZOO

Statue of Liberty


At the NFL we saw the New York Giants vs the Washington Redskins at the game I got a NFL Guernsey with the number 13 on it and a very good players name of Becham JR.


At the baseball we saw the New York Yankees vs the Chicago White Sox. Unfortunately New York lost.(2-4)



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