Angry Birds

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Number Operations

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Angry Birds

Red Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

Blue Bird

Maximum Height/Vertex - (12,29)Roots - x= 6 and 18Axis of symmetry - x=12Distance Traveled - 12 unitsStandard form of equation - y=-x+24x+193Vertex form of equation - y=-(x-12)^2+49

Maximum Height/Vertex - (21,28)Roots - x= 4 and 38Axis of symmetry - x=28Distance Traveled - 34 unitsStanard form of equation - y=-28/289x^2+1176/289x-4256/289Vertex form of equation - y=-28/289(x-21)^2+28

Angry Birds

Maximum Height/Vertex - (10,36)Roots - x= 4 and 16Axis of Symmetry - x=10Distance Traveled - 26 unitsStandard form of equation - y=-x^2+20x-64Vertex form of equation - y=-(x-10)^2+36

Maximum Height/Vertex- (9,18)Roots - x= 0 and 18Axis of symmetry - x=9Distance Traveled - 18 unitsStandard form of equation - y=-2/9x^2+4xVertex form of equation - y=-2/9(x-9)^2+18

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Red Bird was able to hit King Pig and earn the title of "flew the highest" out of all the other birds. That is just bird-tastic!!

Blue Bird was probably trying to hit moustache pig in the first place because he wanted a moustache.

Black bird was probably able to travel the farthest because of how athletic it is.

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