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Social Studies

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Social Customs:The most common greeting is the handshake. People greet elders first, customary to bow when introduced to someone who is much older, or has a more serious position. If invited to an Angolan's home, bring fruit, flowers, or chocolate for the host. If offered the last serving of food, refuse initially and expect the host to offer a second or third time in which case you may accept.Religious Customs:Alambamento: A series of rituals for marriage. When the couple decides to marry, it is necessary to have the approval of the bride's family during the request. The couple sets the date of the request, and the bride's aunt and uncle agree upon it, as the whole family is brought and the groom must gather items that the uncle has decided upon in a list. These items vary, but a common item is an envelope with 300-500 USD in it. Other items such as the height of the bride in beer, coca-cola, or juice, a goat, a suit for the uncle, and shoes for the mother are common. It is basically a dowry, and the greater the payment, the higher the prestige of the bride. It represents compensation for all that has been spent on the bride from her birth to her wedding day.

Native Foods: Cabidela: Chicken cooked in its blood and served with rice. Caldeirada de cabrito: A goat meat stew with rice.Native Animals:Angolan Adder, Angolan Girdled Lizard, Ashy Reed Frog, and Giant Sable Antelope.Native Vegetation:Welwitschia Mirabilis


Natural Resources:Diamonds (2nd most important source of foreign revenue), iron ore, manganese, and copper deposits.Cultural Holdiays:Nov. 11: Independence day.Feb 4: Day of the armed struggle. It is held in memory of the Baixe de Cassanje revolt (1961), where workers at a cotton plant protested for better working conditions. Some workers burned their ID cards, and physically assualted some Portuguese traders. The protuguese authorities called for an air raid on twenty nearby towns killing 400-7000 people.

Major Ethnic Groups:Ovimbundu 37%Kimbundu 25%Bakongo 13%Mestico (mixed European and native African) 2%European 1% Ethnic Clothing:Traditional Angolan costumes are made with han woven cotton clothes while some wear clothes made with animal skins. At festive or ritual ceremonies Angolan men wear tattoos expressing their prestige and status.

Major Languages:Portuguese (official launguage)Umbunu, spoken by the OvimbunduKimbundu, spoken by MbunduKikongoChokweThere are 42 languages in total.Major Religions:Indigenous beliefs 47%Roman Catholic 38%Protestant 15%

Current president: Jose Eduardo Dos Santos

Government: Republic; multiparty presidential regimeEconomy: Oil makes up 90% of its exports. Most of the oil is expoted to China and the United States. Over 1.6 millions barrels of oil are produced every day.


Coordinates:Luanda (capital): 8.8383° S, 13.2344° EHuambo: 12.7667° S, 15.7333° ELobito: 12.3667° S, 13.5333° E


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