[2014] Robert Rieselman Ryan Mick: Anglo-Saxon Social Organization

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[2014] Robert Rieselman Ryan Mick: Anglo-Saxon Social Organization

Lower Class:Lower than the churl was the gebur - a peasant or villein (agricultural worker, farmer). He had approximately 30 acres of land. He owed his thegn two to three days' work per week, and various gifts.The cottager had even less land and gave service to pay rent. Laborers were free , but they held no land. They worked for pay.

Social ClassesUpper Class:These were called "thegns" (thane, noble, and aristocrat). They were the prime landowners and local leaders.

Poor:Serfs (thralls or bondsmen) were the lowest and poorest of all. They held no land and were treated no better than slaves. They often sell themselfs into serfdom in return for food, shelter and work.

Middle Class:Next came the freemen - he too paid rent for his land and attended the moot, although as time passed, his independence was to be greatly reduced. The freeman would later become known as a churl. The freeman held a small farmland which provided for the needs of the thegn.

Roles of WomenResponsible for manegment of houshold.Did embroibery, weaving, spinning, and sewing.Had ownership of land, jewellery, and clothing.Wergeld?Define a man's social position and financial value in law.Fine payable by the killer to the victim's family.

Anglo-Saxon Social Organization


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