[2014] dbrienza: Anglo-Saxon Clothing/Fashion

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[2014] dbrienza: Anglo-Saxon Clothing/Fashion

During the second half of the fifth century the Anglo-Saxons arrived to Britan and took the land for themselves. The time of the Anglo-Saxons begun around AD 450, and during this time the Anglo-Saxon culture rose and clothing and fashion became more popular in its culture

Based on Anglo-Saxon drawings and objects found in graves men wore tunics made of linen and then a thicker tunic made of wool on top of that. Also they would wear a belt at their waist which would have a knife and pouch hanging from it. Most men would wear leather shoes.

Women wore two layers long gowns made of wool and usually wore a cloak around their shoulders or some kind of head wrap around their head.

Woman's Clothing

Anglo Saxon Clothing/Fashion

Mens Clothing

This is a loom and this was used to weave the thread into the cloth.

Leather shoes worn by men made of cow skin.


Military Attire

Anglo-Saxon soldiers wore wrap over coats decorated like chain mail with a belt, worn with a helmet. Also attached to the belt were pouches which allowed soldiers to carry their weapons. Weapons used would be a sword, spear or shield.

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