[2014] Tyaaliya Ellis:

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[2014] Tyaaliya Ellis:

5th to 7th Centuries~Woman wore and under-dress of linen or wool with long sleeves and a draw string neck ~Sleeves were fastend with clasps for wealthier woman~Poor woman were drawn together with braid or string ~Outer dress was a tube of material ,often called a Peplos~Pair of shoulder-brooches or clasps held onto under-dress~A belt was worn were alot of accessories hung from~Shoes werent common for women to wear~Woollen socks were worn 7th to 9th Centuries ~Shouder and wrist clasps went out of fashion~Sleeves over-dress now came ~The under-dress was cut longer than the over-dress~Veils held by headbands became more popular as Christianity spread

5th to 6th Centuries- Wool/Linen Hip-lenght Undershirts- WOOllen trousers were held up witha belt threaded through loops._ Tunic came over the head and reached down to the knees- The belt was worm at the waist ,decorated buckle and strap-end.- Shoes usually made from a single piece of leather but, with and extra piece to form the sole. 7th to 11th Centuries- Tunics they had extra pleats inserted on the front -There sleeves were becoming very tight-fitting between the elbow and wrist-Blets become more thinner -Money were sometimes carried in pouches -Cloaks were worn they were all different lenghts -Socks were worn by people from earliest times,but they were realy found in the later period


Anglo Saxon Clothing/Fashion




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