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angie virone

SchoolI really dont like school,it's not very cool,we have a lot of work,because of Mr. Burke,the head principal is Mrs. Spicer,she cuts her food with a dicer,Mr. Morrison is very fun,he likes to play in the sun,my principal is Mr. Carter, he goes to the game on the charter,Mr. Hernandez is short,he enjoys playing a sport,we have a lot of fun in Sizemore's class,I'm so glad I'm going to pass,my health teacher is Mr. Beele's,his truck has nice wheels,Mr. Bridges is great,I have him period 8,not to be a snitch,but Mrs. Fitzgerald has a twitch,Mrs. Boyles is very sweet, even though she doesn't let us cheat,I'm so ready for summer,so I can watch dumb and dumber



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