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Book:Lara's Gift

Book Author:Annmarie o'Brien

Fun Facts:Lara's mom gave birth to a boy, becasue of that Lara couldnt see any of her baby pups.

Genre: (How do you know?)Non-fiction because the problem can happen in real life.

Main characters: Lara, Zar, Papa, Mama, Borci, Zola, Alexander.

Setting: (Where, when does the book take place?) Russia, 1910.

Plot: What is the book about? This book is about a girl Lara that wants to prove that her dog Zar can be trained, and turn into the best hunting dog ever.

Rate your book (1-10) Why?:8 because i love reading about haveing to conquer something you've never done before.

what attracted me to the book?: The back of the book hooked me in to find out what was gonna happen.

What did i like? (Be specific): The suspence, and clif hangers.

Information about the author: She wrote this book in Russia, and teaches in UcBerkeley and Stanford. She also edits childrens books.

Would i recommend this book? To whom? Why?: I'd recommend this to someone who loves dogs, suspence, and adventure.

Closing: (Make us remember the book! Give two powerful quotes about the book) 1."Borei, Bistri, Sila, reached me first, circling round me-their ears perked and eyes foucused on the horizon for something to chase." 2. "I felt trapped, like i'd been thrown into a training den with hungry wolves, not at all sure the wolves were muzzled."



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