Anger is like a Volcano

by carnitas
Last updated 8 years ago

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Anger is like a Volcano

My Anger and Despair compares to a Volcano

Anger is like a volcano It erupts when someone disturbs you and sometimes it causes you to do the same to others. You may feel hatred, for some bullies punch you When you don't like being bothered. But as if they knew what it felt like, All they ever do is taunt you and fight, They don't like to lose and always like being right. And so this hot flaming lava flows through the volcano Like hot tempered blood inside of your body, Waiting to be taken out with all its might And never stop until it creates a flood of anger and despair.Waiting to be hardened so that you stop feeling rivalry between your Enemies Now that this lava has gathered, it finally has the guts to erupt. Your enemy will fall and you on top will be able to stand up. Victory is yours and you may say, "No more violence, from you I may be free,What are your crying about; I've only done what you've done to me."



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