Angels Walking

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Angels Walking

Book report

- The book was set in Florida.- It was spring time with sunny weather.- Some of the book is placed in a baseball arena.- The middle parts of the book take place in a retirement community.- Tyler starts out as an arogant boy who only cares about his career.- He becomes addicted to his pain medication after he hurts his shoulder.- Once he gets a job at the retirement community he starts to look for God again.- He becomes a great Christian guy who's dreams still come true.

Angels Walking By: Karen Kingsbury

Character and setting

Book summary

At the beginging of the book, Tyler Ames gets seriously injured while playing baseball. He needs surgergy, but he gets kicked off his team because of the injury, and doesn't have enough money to pay for the surgery. Once he gets out of the hospital, he is unemployed and quickly gets addicted to the pain medication. He is living from when he can take pain pills each day, relying on them to keep him alive. By the time he realizes that he is out of money and needs a job, he has no where to go. He finds himself at a church, where one of the angels sent down to protect him sends him to a retirement home in need of a janitor. Tyler is desperate and will take anything. He gets the job, and quickly makes friends with Virginia, one of the ladies living there. As he gets closer to Virginia, he started to find his way back to God. Virginia changed his life, not just by showing him love that a parent should give, but by showing him God. Tyler started to believe and pray to the Lord again. Virginia also helped him because her daughter knew one of Tyler's old friends who could get him the surgery he needed. Tyler's entire life had changed from one woman.

Tyler is....:

How did the story end?

- Caring - Vulnerable- Confused-Dedicated- Loved

After Tyler met Virginia at the retirement home, he changed his life for her. He showed her that God gave him the gift of life and love. He started to cherish life again. Then his ex- girlfriend, who he still loved came to town to visit him. He fell back in love with her. After he has his surgery, his childhood friend gets him a job at a proffessional baseball team that helps teaches pitchers how to throw better. His injury turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.


"So many things he had taken for granted were possinle again. He could take a shower and go to the Laundromat and wash his clothes. He could buy milk and chicken at the store and he could sleep lying down. On his back. Like a normal person." pg. 148

"Right about when Tyler planned to sing to Virginia Hutcheson, and her friends. harrison could hardly wait to tell the woman what hed found out. Cheryl's mother thought Tyler was her son. Which meant Virginia had her miracle.Now Harrison could only hope that Tyler Ames would find his." pg. 209

This book is a Christian Romance Novel