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Angel's Book Report

The BFG is a book about kindness and trust. The BFG is a story on which Sophie is terrified of the other giants that like to eat men, women and children. So Sophie and the BFG go on a journey to London after the BFG gave the queen a nightmare about the man eating giants.Then Sophie talks to the queen and later introduces her to the BFG and then they make a plan to capture the man eating giants.


My opinion about this book is that if you like fictional books that make you imagine what's going on than this is a good grab.(Spoiler Alert) My favorite part about the book is when the BFG takes Sophie with him to go dream catching.


The BFG starts by introducing our first character which is named Sophie. Sophie is an orphan whom looks out her window and see's our next character the BFG. The big friendly giant (BFG) takes her to giant landbecause he's afraid that if people see him than they will put him in a zoo. Later on we're introduced to a new character when Sophie and the BFG go to london and she is the queen.


The BFG takes place in England at first in Sophie's orphanage than it takes place in giant land after "The Snatch" Then after "Mixing The Dream" it takes place in London when Sophie and the BFG go to London in "Journey To London"


RECOMMENDATIONI give this book 3 out 5 stars.


AUTHORThis book's author is Roald Dahland the illustrator is Quentin Blake


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