angels amazing friends!

by angel95
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angels amazing friends!

<3 My Amazing Friends!<3

^^Rachael Ward is my best friend! i can go to her for whatever i need! i love her to death and i am not playing. even tho we might get in a little fight we always find a why to be friends again. I cant or wouldnt beable to live without her. I dont even want to TRY! i love u rachael! ~angel~

^^Amber Porter is also my best friend! she can be so crazy at time and i think that is why we are such good friends now. she can come to me with anything she needs to talk about and i can go to her with anything at all!! I would really die without her in my life! i love u amber! ~angel~!

Neal Carico the boy below this is amazing! he is my b/f so stop starring! i love him with all my <3and i would really do anything 4 him. he makes me smile all the time,if im in a bad mood i can always count on him to cheer me up! i love him soo much! love u neal lol! ~Angel~

haha! I needed one more pic for all the corners so the girl below is me. and those are the only people i trust. i trust them with my life. and if anything EVER happened to ANY of them i would prolly die! lol! i love u Rachael,Amber,and Neal!


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