Angelman Syndrome

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Angelman Syndrome

Angelman Syndrome

2.)Normal parental and birth history, normal head circuference at birth, no major birth defects.

6.) There is no cure for Angelman Syndrome. But there are medications can alleviate the symptoms such as; Melatonin can be used to promote sleep, laxatives can be used to encourage continence, and physical therapy helps with joint problems.

4.) Some children that have Angelman Syndrome can not walk but some can. Your child may need an assistive device, such as molded leg braces or a walker.

3.)The chance of having another child with Angelman Syndrome would be small.Only a small portion of cases may carry an increase risk of recurrence in case of the chromosome rearrangement inhertited from one of the parents.

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1.) These are rare families with more than one child with Angelman Syndrome. The made of inheritance in these families is autosomal dominant modified by imprinting

7.) Most cases of Angelman Syndrome are not inherited, particularly those caused by a deletion in the maternal chromosome 15 or by paternal disomy.

5.) One of the signs that you could recognize on your child that could have the syndrome would be development delays, such as lack of crawling or babbling at 6 to 12 months, and intellectual disability.

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