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Angela Powell: My Glog

Hi! My name is Angela Powell,and I am in my 5th year as a K-4 Elementary Music Teacher.Previous Work Experience4 Years as a High School Special Education Teacher1 Year as a Substitute Teacher5 years of summers and holidays at Walmart (while in college)1 year of working at Big Lots (while in high school)

Technology/Online ExperiencesI do enjoy using technology, and feel relatively comfortable using various aspects of it. I also enjoy using technology to create resources to use with my students.I really haven't had many online courses, but there is an activity I did enjoy doing several years ago. When I was in Undergrad, one of my favorite assignments that we had done in a Technology Education class, was designing a WebQuest. A WebQuest is basically like a scavenger hunt, leading students to discover information, based on the assigned topic and tasks.

"God's NotDead"

All of the movies in the"HungerGames"series


Food Facts:

1. In 2007, I went on a Missions Trip to Ukraine. While there, my group went on a picnic in the forest, with an awesome group of Ukrainians. During that picnic, a man caught some fish (at a lake within the forest), and right then and there, made a pot of fish soup over a fire, with recognizable pieces of fish floating in the broth. I'm not much of a fan of seafood, but I wanted to be polite and respectful, so I gave it a try!2. Another "unusual" food that I have eaten, and enjoy, is actually a food combination. To some it may seem strange; to others, it may not seem strange. To became a favorite when I was young, and has continued into adulthood!!! I like to dip my French Fries in Tartar Sauce...I will understand, and not be hurt if you are gagging!! :-)

Favorite Movies

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to trust God more, and worry less...and I wouldn't mind being a little taller!! :-)

"Amazing Grace" by Josh Wilson

Miscellaneous Information * I am a BIG FAN of the Pittsburgh: Pirates and Steelers!!* I really enjoy photography.* I really enjoy volunteering as a volleyball coach, and unified partner for Brooke County Special Olympics.* I am signed up for my 4th Half Marathon* I enjoy cooking and baking--thanks to Pinterest!! :-)* My favorite band is a group called SKILLET* Most of all--my relationship with God is the most IMPORTANT aspect of my life!!

Fish Soupis Cooking!

In this arrangement, Josh Wilson uses an awesome looping technique, with the guitar, and a pedal...he's the only one playing!

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SKILLET: "Awake and Alive"Music Video


  • mdreed22 6 years ago

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    Hi Angela, the picture of your view from PNC park makes me happy, and I also really like that version of Amazing Grace! Nice Glog!

  • littleana35 6 years ago

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    I think you did a fantastic job on your Glog Angela! I've always been jealous of those who are musically talented, since I do not have a musical bone in my body HAHA! I've always been the science nerd type which I learned in my education classes is a characteristic of being left-brained dominant and music and art are more right-brained dominant. I really like the music choices you picked because I don't know too many other people who like the band Skillet...they are awesome! I also am a Christian and my faith is also really important to me, so I really liked that part of your Glog as well! I wish you the best of luck this school year!