Anesthesiologist assistant

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Anesthesiologist assistant

The Future.... Maybe

*Help anesthesiologists give medicine that makes a person unconscious. *Give anesthetic medicine to patients. *Check patients' vital signs (heart rate, breathing) while they are being given the medicine. *Pretest administration orders. *Check and record their conditions after an operation.**Anesthesiologist assistants work in a few different sterile places, such as hospitals, operating rooms, and clinics. Protective clothing is worn at all times as they have direct, one-on-one contact with sick people. Most of these assistants work 8 to 12 hour shifts, 40 hours each week.

Arkansas90th percentile: $112,330 anualmedian percentile: $85,970 anual10th percentile: $41,710 anualNational90th percentile: $124,770 anualmedian percentile: $90,930 anual10th percentile: $62,430 anual


Anesthesiologist Assistant

Tasks and Conditions

Though some people working in this field have a high school diploma as the highest formal education, today all require a college degree and related work experience.

Education and experience

the video to the left shows the various things you would encounter as an anesthesiologist's assistant

38% national increase in employment 2012 - 2022




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