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There are more than 1000 species of anemones that live in tropical waters


Goldfish have a special mucus layer which makes them amune to anemone venom. So if a goldfish sees a predator it swims inside the anemone and the predator knows if it goes after the goldfish it will get stung.

When a sea anemone needs a ride it hops on a hermit crab. The crab is like a taxi for anemones. To pay for the taxi the anemone will sting any predators of a hermit crab that tries to eat the hermit crab while on the it.

Anemones can be as small 3 inches

Then they can be bigger than 8 feet

Anemones can swim with its tentacles or move along the sea floor with their foot

Scientist are still finding out different species in cold waters

For an anemone to eat it has to blend into the coral and wait for its prey to swim by then catches it inside its venom-filled tentacles and pushes it inside its mouth which is hidden inside the tentacles

The anemone is related to coral and jelllyfish


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