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Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

POP Artist

Born, 'Andrew Warhola' in Pittsburg Pennsylvania on August the 6th of 1928 to a working class Polish family. He beagn his career in art as a graphic designer for fashin magazines.

On June 3rd 1968 Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol in the chest and he had to have open heart surgury. He barely survived and the physical effects of this shooting required him to wear a corset the rest of his life. This was a pivitol point in his career and changed a direction in his art making. He became more of a 'court painter', someone who painted mostly on comission alone.

On February 22nd 1987 Andy Warhol died of complications from a routine gall bladder operation. Intersting to note that as his casket was being lowered into the ground a copy of 'Interview Magazine', an 'Interview Magazine' T-shirt, and a bottle of 'Estee Lauder' perfume 'Beautiful' was thrown in the hole with the casket. He did make some famous colaborative artwork with Jean-Michel Basquiat before he died.

Andy created 'Interview' magazine in 1969. The concept was that 'famous' people or 'celebrities' would be interviewing other 'celebrities'. At this time Andy Warhol became a household name, hung out with all the 'stars', and was regularly seen at club Studio 54.

Andy's first solo 'POP' exhibition is held at the Stable Gallery in New York City November 6-24 1962. Some art work shown there is Marilyn Diptich and 100 Soup Cans. The following year, 1963 he created his 'Factory' and began making short '15 minute' films.


'Silver Clouds' Installation





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Time Line

First Exhibition Show

Attempted Murder

Interview Magazine


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