Andy Warhol 1960's

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Andy Warhol 1960's

Warhola attended Schenley High School during the 1940's. During this time Andrew and his teachers started to recognize his type of art and the ability that came along with it.

Andrew had 2 older brothers. Paul, born June 26 1922, and John born May 31, 1925.

Andy Warhol was born August 6, 1928 in his parents bedroom! Growing up he wasn't known as Andy Warhol but as Andrew Warhola.


Growing up Andrew was very anti-social, and his brothers say he was a trouble maker. School was also a terrifying place for him. He would be bullied for his hair falling out and skin being too white. This was because he was diagnosed with many illnesses.


In 1965 decided in Paris he was going to retire for painting for a while and start filmmaking. Overall that plan did not work too good. When his movies were shown at theaters the audience either fell asleep or left and demanded a refund.

After graduating high school Andrew attended Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh. He barley graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. He then moved to New York to persue a career as a commercial illustrator.

While in New York Warhola became more known. One of Seventeen magazines included a piece of Andy’s work but instead of signing it “Andy Warhola” they mistakenly put “Andy Warhol.” Ever since the name stuck. At this point Andy was creating more masterpieces and was becoming more finacially successful.

On February 22, 1987 Andy Warhol died from gallbladder surgery. Even though his physical body died his legacy did not. Today there is an Andy Warhol Muesum dedicated to his life.

Turquoise Marilyn

Ten Foot Flowers

Endangered Species


Andy Warhol contributes to the 1960’s decade of change because he was an influential person. His sexuality gave more support to those who were fearful of what may happen if they came out. His personality sent a message to children that said it’s okay to be weird, all that matters is what is in the inside, and inside of Andy Warhol was an artistic masterpiece. Without pop art canvases would be left blank and designed with ordinary ideas. Without the silk-screen method those canvases would only be made with acrylic paint. His revolution of individualism in art and life changed the way all kinds of art is looked at in the 1960’s and today.

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