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Andrew R

This is a hawk owl they eat small mammels and grow to be36-43cmthey lay 5 to 6 eggs cat a time they live in wood pecker holes and tree stumps.

The TaigaBy:Andrew Rice

This is the balsam fir it is an evergreen and can grow 40 to 80ft. the branches grow in a right angle it can grow to be 200 years old and has roots that grow 30 inches it is some times used as lumber and is used as Christmas trees because of their light weight.

This is the lynx it eats small mammels and ground dwelling birds they grow to be 31in. although some lynx species are safe a few races are endangered to be exticet. babys ussually stay with their mother for the first winter.

This is a moose its diet is plants, and grows to be is 9in.. they only give birth to a single calf rarley twins.

This is the jack pine it grows to 81in. it has thin waxy needles and reddish brown bark and tough needles to survive the cold, feirce, and harsh winters in the taiga and can survive fires.

This is an eastern red cedar it grows10-50ft. the tree is old and has a nickname that is "grave yard tree" the tree is sometimes used as fence posts.

Jack pine

The Balsam Fir

Hawk owl


eastern red cedar


The winters in the taiga are mostley below zero causing trees and animals to have thick layers.

A lot of bugs come to the taiga in Spring for breeding because of the massive amount of water from the snow for the bugs.



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