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andrew__Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro was built nearly 4 to 5 thousand years ago and lasted until 3,700 BP. Mohenjo Daro means Mound Of The Dead.It was one of the first world and ancient Indian cities. It was one of the first world and ancient Indian cities.

Mohenjo Daro impacted The Indian Subcontinent by giving a tour for tourists and by giving workers income.

Mohenjo Daro is located in the Sindh province of Pakistan in the floodplain of the Indus River. The site is the largest of the known Indus cities, extending over an area of 250 hectares

Mohenjo Daro was is called "Mound Of Dead" because the center of the town is an artificial mound about 50 feet high surrounded with a brick wall and fortified with towers.

The Great Bath was in Mohenjo daro and it was 12 meters north-south and 7 meters wide and about 2.4 meters in depth and this bath was to purify and renew the well being of others.

The Great Bath


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