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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson's inauguration was one of the most important inaugurations in American democracy.

Before his two terms as President of the United State, Jackson's past included military service in the War of 1812 and also the Seminole Wars. •Chairman of the Senate Committee•Member of the House, Ten.•US Senator•1st Territorial Governor of Florida

Alabama: J. Adams 2,422A. Jackson 9,429H. Clay 96W. Crawford 1,656Connecticut: J. Adams 7,494A. Jackson 0H. Clay 0W. Crawford 1,965Illinois: J. Adams 1,516A. Jackson 1,272H. Clay 1,036W. Crawford 847Indiana: J. Adams 3,071A. Jackson 7,444H. Clay 5,316W. Crawford 0Kentucky: J. Adams 0A. Jackson 6,356H. Clay 16,982W. Crawford 0Maine: J. Adams 10,289A. Jackson 0H. Clay 0W. Crawford 2,336Maryland: J. Adams 14,632A. Jackson 14,523H. Clay 695W. Crawford 3,364Massachusetts: J. Adams 30,687A. Jackson 0H. Clay 0W. Crawford 0Mississippi: J. Adams 1,654A. Jackson 3,121H. Clay 0W. Crawford 119Missouri: J. Adams 159A. Jackson 1,166H. Clay 2,042W. Crawford 32New Hampshire: J. Adams 9,389A. Jackson 0H. Clay 0W. Crawford 643New Jersey: J. Adams 8,309A. Jackson 10,332H. Clay 0W. Crawford 1,196North Carolina: J. Adams 0A. Jackson 20,231H. Clay 0W. Crawford 15,622Ohio: J. Adams 12,280A. Jackson 18,489H. Clay 19,255W. Crawford 0Pennsylvania: J. Adams 5,441A. Jackson 35,736H. Clay 1,690W. Crawford 4,206Rhode Island: J. Adams 2,144A. Jackson 0H. Clay 0W. Crawford 0Tennessee: J. Adams 216A. Jackson 20,197H. Clay 0W. Crawford 312Virginia: J. Adams 3,419A. Jackson 2,975H. Clay 419W. Crawford 8,558

1) Jackson opened the polls to everyman who wanted to vote.•This caused major debates about who should be able to vote. •“By throwing open the polls to every man that walks, we have placed the power in the hands of those who have neither property, talents, nor influence in other circumstances, and who require in their public officers no higher qualifications than they possess themselves…” • New York Journal of Commerce, editorial – November 7, 1829•Andrew Jackson decided that opening the polls to everyone increased power for the common man and all the lower classes to be able to have a say in who represents them.2.) Jackson was a friend of the people and looked out for everyone in a political way.•Jackson was always willing to listen to the needs of people who felt cheated out.•“Equality of talents, of education, or of wealth, cannot be produced by human institutions… every man is equally entitled to protection by law. But when laws undertake to add to these natural and just advantages, artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, and to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society, the farmers, mechanics, and laborers who have neither the time nor the means of securing the like favors to themselves, have a right to complain against their government…•Jackson clearly gave the people great opportunities to strengthen themselves and the ability to complain to their government if they saw something unfair. 3.) President Jackson was loved and appraised by a lot of the country•People adored President Jackson and thought he was a phenomenon wherever he went. •When people saw him speak they would listen and do what he said.•“The appearance of General Jackson was a phenomenon,…. He called himself ‘the people’s friend,’ and gave proofs of his sincerity and firmness in adhering to his friends, and of his power to protect them” Source: Two Senators Explain Why They Support Jackson, 1839•People even believed he understood the people in the country better then any other president before him. “…General Jackson understood the people of the United States better than, perhaps, any President before him.”

He was nicknamed "Old Hickory".His legacy is now seen as mixed, as a protector of popular democracy and individual liberty for American citizens, checkered by his support for slavery and Indian removal.Jackson was the first president primarily associated with the American frontier.


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