Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson

Foreign Affairs-1830 negotiated exchange of shipping rights with Britian West Indies.-Recognized Independence of Texas in 1837-Trail of Tears enforced: making Native Americans leave to go west of the Mississippi river.

Domestic Affairs-Ended the National Bank: Jackson hated the bank and instead gave the money to "pet" banks or state banks. -Spoils System: Jackson started this by cleaning the house and putting in his supporters. -Nullification Crisis: Some didn't like the tariff of 1832 so they said they would secede but Jackson threatened them and said they would be hanged if they carried through with it. So no one continued.

Andrew Jackson

Years in Office: 1829-1837Ploitical Party: Democrat(He started)

Fun Facts: He may have looked like a hardened old soul, but he was quite the merry prankster: when he was in school, he invited a bunch of prostitutes to the annual Christmas Ball, just because he knew how much it would freak out all of the "proper" attendees. He also liked to move outhouses around so when people went out to use their bathroom, the bathroom was no longer there.Read the full text here: --brought to you by mental_floss!



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