Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Born in 1764 died in 1845.

He was a landowner, a lawyer and a judge in Tennessee.

He made campaigns in the war of 1812 against the British and the Indians in Flordia.

Jackson was the first president from the west.

He was inaugurated in March 1829.

He beleived that regular people should vote, hold office, and anything else they desired and had the ability to do.

Jackson was in office from1829 to1837.

He was a demicrat that ran against Adams.

His two vice presidents were John Calhoun and for his second term it was Martin Van Buren.

Republican party split into national republicans and demicrats during the 1824 election.

In Jacksons age more men could vote and they did and many more people joined political parties. In his two terms Jackson replaced about 20% of federal officeholders. He claimed putting new people into government jobs furthered democracy. As president Andrew Jackson supported the right of ordinary people to participate in government. Jackson beleived in equality and this furthered democracy.


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