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Andrew Jackson

-How did Jackson's election and presidency demonstrate an increase in democracy? Supporters of Andrew Jackson believed that ordinary people should vote in elections,hold puclic offiece,and do anything else they had the ability to do. Jacksons supporters strongly opposed specials privileges for those of high social status. Jackson and his supporters did not trust government. They believed it often favored the rich and powerful. Jackson and his supporters was suspicious of banks, which they believed favored the rich. Jackson wanted the United States to be fair and not be seperated into levels or classes by their income.


1767 - Jackson born1812-1814 - Jackson was named Major General1794 - Married Rachel Donelson1828 - 1st Predicency1832 - 2nd Predicency1845- Jackson dies

Andrew Jackson was born on March 15,1767. He later moved to Tennessee where he became a lawyer. He served in the House of Represenatives and the Senate. Jackson was named Major General in the war of 1812. On January 8th,1815 he defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson decided to run for President in 1824 aganist John Quincy Adams. Due to a fallout during the election of 1824 Jackson was renominated to run for President in 1828. Jackson became the seventh president with 54% of the popular vote and 178 out of 261 electoral votes. Before he bacame President, Jackson married Rachel Donelson in 1791. But due to an illegeal divorse for Rachel they could not be offically married until 1794. Jackson was the first President to veto more Bills than all of the previous Presidents. Jackson ran for his second term in 1832. He was President for two terms. Andrew Jackson died on June 8th 1845.

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The Life ofAndrew Jackson



"It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes." Andrew Jackson


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