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[2015] alissa tome: Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the US. He was president from 1829-1837 serving 2 terms. Today he is known as the "Peoples President." He was from the Democratic Party. Jackson was born March 15, 1767, Waxhaws, North Carolina. His exact birth place is unknown. Jackson died June 8, 1845 Tennessee. Other then being president, Jackson was also a judge, laywer and a U.S. Representative. Jackson's supporters were the common man. He also used the spoils system to give many goverment jobs but, they were very inexpirenced. Jackson is also the first president to invite the public, common man to attend his inauguration ball which made the public love him.

Rachel Jackson (Andrew Jackson's wife) was born June 15, 1767 Halifax County, VA. She married Jackson from 1794 - 1828 until she died a few days after Andrew's election, most likely from a heart attack.

His parents, Andrew and Elizabeth Jackson were Scots-Irish colonists. They had emigrated from Ireland in 1765. His father had died 3 weeks before Andrew's birth

Trail of Tears Jackson caused the Trail of Tears. The congress had just passed the Indian Removal Act, forcing 15,000 Cherokee Indians to leave their home during the winter of 1838 and 1839 and walk a 1,000 mile journey. Jackson had promised to give them money and help them get there. Jackson never went through with his promise, leaving them with not enough food, shelter or clothing to survive. Causing over 4,000 to die along the way.

Andrew Jackson

Corrupt BargainDuring the Election of 1824 Andrew Jackson ran for president along with John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and William Crawford. Although Jackson did have the most votes out of all of them, no one got the majority of electoral votes. This caused the election to go to the House of Representatives. Clay was out of the election, having the least amount of votes, but was the Speaker of the house. Clay urged the house to vote for Adams. Adams won the election and made clay Secretary of State. Jackson felt cheated out of being president.

Andrew and Rachel Jackson never had their own children although, they adopted 3 sons. Andrew Jackson Jr. Rachels Nephew. Theodore, and Indian orphan and Lyncoya, also a Creek Indian Orphan

2nd Bank of the United StatesIn 1832, the Whigs made a bill to renew the Second Bank of the US. The Bank was still good for 4 years but the whigs looked at it as a way to get rid of Jackson. They knew Jackson hated the Second bank beacsue Jackson thought it favored the rich and powerful instead of the poor, common man. When the congress passed the bill, Jackson vetoed it declaring the bank as unconstitutional. The Whigs made a champaign saying keep Jackson or keep the Bank. On election day Jackson got elected president again from the support of the comman man. Jackson then knew he couldn't close the Bank until 1836 so he left it open. Although he hurt the bank by taking all the federal money out and he stopped putting ferderal money in. The bank then closed in 1836.

Military At just age 13, Jackson joined the local militia. Not to much longer he served as a courier in the Revolutionary War. He also fought in the Battle of Stono Ferry in 1779. In 1801, Jackson was commander of the Tenessee Militia. In the War of 1812, Jackson and his troops won against the Creek Indians in the Battle of Horshoe Bend. This victory gave gave the US 20 million acres of land. Also Jackson became major general for his sucess. Later in 1815, Jackson was named a national hero after defeating the British in the Battle of New Orleans. He aslo got the nickname "Old Hickery" for being as tough as wood on the battlefield. During 1817, Jackson created something that could be considered a nation incident by disobeying orders and attacking Flordia. Luckily Spain signed the Adams-Onis Treaty and ceded Florida to the United States. Jackson then became Flordia's military governor.

Early LifeJackson recieved an unpredictable eductaion while growing up. Then he joined the local militia at age 13. While at the Battle of Stono Ferry in 1779, his older brother, Hugh, died. Jackson and his other brother, Robert, were also captured by the British. While captured both brothers got smallpox. A few days after they were set free, his brother died from the disease. His mother also died from cholera shortly after. This caused Jackson to be orphaned at age 14. Luckily his uncles raised him.


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