Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767.

Jackson joined the local militia at the age of 13.(Picture is of young Andrew Jackson)

Jackson died on June 8, 1845.

Re-elected in 1832 against Henry Clay.

Elected in 1828with John C. Calhoun as his vice president.

First president to assume command with his power to veto.

Dubbed a national hero when he led his 5,000 soldiers in to defeat 7,500 British soliders.

Appointed commander of the Tennessee militia in 1801.

Captured Florida and overthrew the governor José Masot.

Jackson created his own cabinet called the "kitchen cabinet" because he felt the real cabinet fought too much.


Andrew Jackson's presidency spread democracy through America in many ways. Mainly it was because Jackson looked out for the common people. For example Jackson vetoed the Seccnd Bank of the United State becuase he felt it was unfair to the common people but favored the wealthy. Also Jackson extended the right to vote to nearly all white male adult citizens.


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