Andrew Jackson

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Social Studies

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Andrew Jackson

Name: Andrew JacksonNickname: Old HickoryBirthdate: March 15, 1767Married: Rachel DonelsonChildren: Andrew Jackson, Jr.Military Rank: GeneralPolitical Party: Democrat from TennesseePresidency: 7th President, served 2 termsHobbies: Playing pranks, dancing, gardening

Andrew Jackson is feeling like a duel today.

Aaron Burr says, 'Bring it!"

Rachel Jackson thinks it's going to be one of those days.

OLD HICKORYThe boys started calling me “Old Hickory” today. I don’t have any military training or experience, but I guess I can lead well enough to gain some respect from these old Tennessee soldiers.

THE NATIONAL BANKThe Bank can’t be trusted! It is “unauthorized by the Constitution, subversive of the rights of the states, and dangerous to the liberties of the people.” It’s a monster that benefits the bank’s investors at the expense of farmers and tradesmen. I plan to veto the re-charter and move the funds to state institutions.

INDIAN REMOVALThe removal of all Indians to lands west of the Mississippi was the most humane step the United States could take to the Indian problem. Over ninety resettlement treaties can’t be wrong! They may call it the “trail of tears,” but I refuse to believe the Cherokee Nation had the right to ignore the laws of the great state of Georgia.





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