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Andrew Hu's Coral Reef Poster


3. Living in Coral Reefs - The Torres Strait IslanderAs they are sea-going peoples, Torres Strait Islanders have over time collected vast amounts of knowledge about the marine environment, lifestyle and resources such as animals and plants offered to them in the area. They used outrigger canoes carved from wood, which allowed them to catch seafood around the coral reefs by using wooden or shell fish hooks and seagrass woven nets dragging along the waters. This also encouraged them to travel long distances to trade the haul with the Aborigines on the east coast of Australia.


Coral Reef


1. This Biome! Coral reefs are communities of living organism called Polyps, which are the building blocks of the biome. They are home to 25% of all marine life owning its title as 'the rainforest of the sea'. What gives the coral its colour is the symbiotic relationship between the microalgae (zooxanthellae) that grow on it.

2. Three threat saviour method

Overfishing To not tip the balance we can be fish-smart. Catch what you need and throw small fishes back into the sea to let them have the chance to reproduce, also leave large fish because they release the most eggs.

Tourism Practice safe and responsible diving and snorkeling to learn not to damage coral in anyway. Contribute to eco-friendly businesses that dedicate to sustainable environmental practices and spread awareness among businesses to be ‘green’.

Coral Bleaching This threat is a result of rising water temperatures caused by Global warming. Simply lower your electricity consumption by switching off lights when not using them . Drive less on cars and walk, bike, or ride the bus to prevent Coral Bleaching.

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Great Barrier Reef



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