[2015] Andrew Rodriguez (9th Hour-1st semester): Andrew (Fernando Botero artist bio)

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[2015] Andrew Rodriguez (9th Hour-1st semester): Andrew (Fernando Botero artist bio)

Fernando Botero

Birth & Family Fernando Botero was born in April, 19, 1932 and is from Medellin, Colombia. He is still currently alive. Botero has siblings such as his brothers Rodrigo Botero and Juan David Botero. His parents, David Botero his father and his mother Flora Angulo.Fernando has his own family, his son Fernando Botero jr Zea and his daughter Lina Botero, as well his spouse Sophia Vari.

Types Of Paintings His paintings are almost all one specific type of layout. His paintings were depicts of people in large or known as "Boterismo” paintings. One of his famous paintings was a recreation of Mona Lisa called “MonaLisa” . (the painting to the left)

Paintings locations Fernando Botero’s artwork is in the Botero Museum of the Banco de la República.the museum holds most of his art work. The museum of The Metropolitan Museum of Art also holds least and most of his popular art work which is located in New York.

Early Life Botero had left Matador School or like a bull ring school which was a school of his youth that he gone to.Botero was 16 in 1948 along with other regional artists when he exhibited his paintings, his work was inspired by pre-Columbian spanish Colonial Diego Rivera and also Francisco de Goya.

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