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What Equipment is used?Baseballs BatBatting GlovesGloveCatching EquipmentBatting HelmetProtective Cup (for male athletes)

Trivia Question:Who was the first pitcher to throw over 100 mph?Nolan Ryan

Rules of the GameGiven here is a useful link to look up and study the official rules of the game.

The History and Rulesof Baseball:America's Pastime

There is actually not one certain person historically who can be given credit for inventing baseball. Alexander Cartwright, however is given credit for the modern game. Setting the modern rules in 1953.

Jackie Robinson became the first African American athlete to break the color barrier in the MLB in 1947. He paved the way for all African American athletes in professional sports today.

3 Big RecordsMost Career Home Runs: Barry Bonds (762)Most Career RBI's: Hank Aaron (2,297)Most Career Hits: Pete Rose (4,256)



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