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Andrew Carngie

Carnegie was influenced by the ideals of social Darwinism, which is :he believed that his enormous wealth was a result of his being the "fittest" to handle it. He also believed in the "Gospel of wealth"

Most biographers think that Carnegie’s success for his genius for organizing, and intelligence of business judgment, United States's land of business opportunity economic growth, and his policy of expanding . But some people think that he is greedy, cold -hearted business man

1. He created a tidy of sum that allowed him to later give his time and resources to the results he felt strong about. He made his money in the steel industry and considered as the second richest man 2. Andrew Carnegie donated much of his tidy of sum to fund, many public places. He usually funded the construction of the library is the local community would agree to provide the land and provide manipulations and preservation funds. .

The Biggest Steel Man Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie earn money by funding in railroads, bridges, and oil derricks. He also made more money through a bond salesman raising money for American venture in Europe.

Andrew Carnegie was estimated to be worth $189.6 billion dollars (1996 dollars)but after 8 years, it was 6.7 billion dollar.

In conclusion, we think that Andrew Carnegie was the captain of the Industry