Andrew and Bob

by RyanArthur
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Andrew and Bob

Andrew and Bob are bestfriends.

One Day Andrew got invinted to a party by Josh the coolest kid in school but bob din't get invinted because josh thinks he's weird.


Bob asked Andrew if he remembered that this friday was the stars wars marathon of 10 hours back to back epasode.

Andrew remebered that the party is on the same night as the marathon. So Andrew said he can't make because that night is family game night.Even though he really wants to watch the marathon with bob but he doesn't want josh to think he's a dork because he ditch his party for a 1980's action tv show.Bob Was curious because Andrew was exited about the marathon because he bought a $50 stars wars rebel custom for the marathon. But talking to bob was like talking to a puppet that you want to bite on the nose.

So Andrew went to the party any ways he had a good time but still felt bad about lying and ditching his bestfriend for a party. Andrew decide to make it up to bob by giving him a real blue light saver.

The next day Andrew gave Bob his appolgy gift to Bob about lying and ditching him for a party. Bob forgived him and had sleepover for the part 2 of the back to back marathon. And they lived ever happly ever after.The End

By: Ryan Lafrance



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