Andrei Sakharov

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Andrei Sakharov

Questions to Answer:1) Why is this scientist such a big deal?2) What did they do to contribute to the USSR (or did they?)? To the worlds?3) What lasting contributions have they made for Russia? For the world?4) Give at least one relevant, interesting fact (why did they become a scientist? Where they important for anything outside the field of science?)

Key Concept Explanation

Explain a simple scientific concept (use something we've covered in class, or something from a previous science course) this scientist would have needed to apply to their research. Make sure to include the scientist who came up with this idea (if it wasn't the one you researched)

(Key Concept Used in Their Research)

Tell how this person has affected our world and lives still today


The worst resource website in the world (DO NOT USE):


Main Accomplishments

First Soviet H-Bomb Test

Born: May 21, 1921Recieved Nobel Peace Prize in 1975Died: December 14, 1989


Lab Summary

Give a brief description of the lab you created and recorded, and an explanation as to why this lab explains the key concept you and your partner chose. When you turn in your assignment, you will need a separate page with the entire lab on it (See 'Lab Template' on GoogleDocs)

Feel free to add images or rearrange text boxes. As long as everything contributes appropriately and the main points are included (Main accomplishments, timeline, key concept and explanation, lab summary, lab recording, and citations)


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