Andreas Vesalius

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Social Studies
European history

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Andreas Vesalius


CONTRIBUTION TO THE REINASSANCE-Served as a physician to Emperor Charles V-Took service with Charles' son, Phillip II of Spain-Wrote "De Humani Corporis Fabrica"-Lectured in surgery and anatomy

EDUCATION-1530, University of Louvain= Art Curriculum-Paris (Started 1533 and left in 1536)-Unversity og Padua= Medicine

BACKGROUNDDate of Birth: December 31, 1514Date of Death:October 15, 1564Country of Origin:Brussels, Belgium

OTHER INTERESTIBNGFACTS-Vesalius wrote a pamphlet about blood letting-His grandfather and father both served the Holy Roman Emperor-Vesalius performed dissections himself when teaching his students. He also made anatomical charts.

WHY HIS CONTRIBUTIONS ARE IMPORTANT-Because of Versalius' dissections, everyone learned that a human's anatomy is different from an ape's. This started when he began teaching his students the difference of a human's and an ape's anatomy in his classes.


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