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Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius was born in Brussels, in the year 1514. He studied at the University of Padua before graduating as a physician. After becoming increasingly interested in anatomy, Andreas would soon become one of the most famous people in the world of medicine. (Comparative Anatomy: Andreas Vesalius).

Andreas was a revolutionary physician. He had written a collection of influential books with illustrations of his experiments, the De humani corporis fabrica, after becoming quite knowledgeable of the human body. This was considered to be the, "world's first modern medical textbook." (Frey) After, he was named court physician for Charles the Fifth, Holy Roman Emperor. (Famous Scientists).

Lasting Impact

Andreas Vesalius's contributions have shown what the human anatomy is really like. Without him, we might have not uncovered its baffling secrets, and instead, follow Galen's work. (Frey).


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