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texas Indians

By: Andrea, and Izzy!! :)

APACHES (apachees)

Tools: they use bows and arrows spears and horns, they use war lances, and war clubs. they also use horses to herd the enemies

Jobs: the Apache tribe's jobs or family chores are, hunting, and gathereing. the region of the Apaches is the High Plains. their talents were hunting, fighting, and gathering. The Apaches walked or theyrode on horse to get around. the Apache tools are war clubs, horns, aand they use horses to herd enemies.

Shelter: they use buffalo skins for teepees.

Clothing:buckskinclothes(fully covered) they were tall, the Apaches part there hair in the middle. the men wear loose hair, and the woman ties her hair back.

Celebrations:the Apaches celebrate when a girl turns to a woman. and they also celebrate when a boy turns 16.

Tribe adaptations:they wore clothes for cold weather.


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