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Andrea Mantegna

Born in northern Italy and considered to be the renaissance artist from there. He was the second oldest son from his birth family but was adopted by Francesco Squarcione. At the age of 10 Francesco taught and mentored him in art until he was 17 when he got his own studio.


Born- 1431Died- September 13th, 1506


Andrea Mantegna



By: Zach O'neill and Evan Sachs

Triumph of the VirtuesMade in 1502Tempura on CanvasThe subject is vices ruling over an enclosed marsh with tall fences and in the center Minerva is trying to save Diana the goddess of chastity from being raped by a centaur.The artistic techniques used are contesting colors to show good and evil and the position of the figures to show powerHumanism, naturalism, and classicalism

San SebastianMade 1457-1458Tempura on canvasThe subject is San Sebastian is tied up to a temple fragment with arrows throughout his body.The artistic techniques used were repetition as he uses the same background as in other paintings and his religious devotion led to him painting the difficulties of reaching the Celestial Jerusalem, the fortified city depicted on the top of the mountain, at the upper right corner of the picture, and described in Chapter 21 of John's Book of Revelation.Humanism and classicalism

Ceiling OculusMade 1465-1474Sharp foreshortenings on a ceiling.The subject is a circle of people, animals, and plants look down through a "hole" in the ceiling.The artistic technique used by Mantegna of creating a realistic 3-D representation of people looking through a hole led to the artwork to stand among the most convincing trompe l'oeil passages of the entire Italian Renaissance.Humanism, classicalism, and naturalism

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