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Andrea del Verrocchio

Andrea del VerrocchioHanna Ulevich and Xavier Engleton

Professional Life-Originally was trained as a goldsmith and a sculptor-Apprenticed under Donatello for sculpting-Apprenticed under Alesso Baldovinetti for painting-Teacher to Leonardo di Vinci for 7 years-Also taught Perugino, Ghirlandaio, and Sandro Botticelli

Personal Life-born Andrea di Michele di Francesco de' Cioni-born in 1435, in Florence-died in 1488, in Venice-Italian painter and sculptor-Had many siblings whom he supported financially

Equestrian Monument of Bartolomeo Colleoni-Commissioned by the Republic of Venice in 1478-He finished and submitted his wax model in 1488-Passed away in 1488 and never saw it finished-Cast in bronze-Went through a three-year restoration (video)

Christ and Saint Thomas-Started in 1469-Finished in 1479-Made for Orsanmichele-Made with bronze-Humanistic values becasue of the detail in the face-Secularistic values because of the detail on the clothing

Baptism of Christ-Finished around 1475-Leonardo di Vinci also helped with this painting-John the Baptist baptisting Jesus, a story from the Bible-Humanistic values because of the focus on the people

The Virgin Adoring the Christ Child-Painted in 1469-Originally painted on panel before being transferred to canvas-Humanistic values because the focus of the painting is Mary and Jesus-Classicalistic values because of the architecture


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