Andre Marie Ampere

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Andre Marie Ampere

André-Marie Ampère

Where did it all begin?

Who is André-Marie Ampère?

From 1797 to 1802 Ampère earned his living as a math tutor. He as then employed as the professor of physics and chemistry at Bourg Ecole Centrale. In 1809 he got appointed as the professor of mathematics at the Ecole Polytechnique, a job he held until 1828. He was also appointed to a chair at Universite de France in 1826 which he held until he died

André-Marie Ampère was born on the 20 January 1775 in Lyon, France. He was a science teacher, played a big role in discovring electromgnetism He also helped describe a way to mesure the flow of elctricity. The AMPERE which is the unit of electric current, was named in honour of him

Young Ampère spent most of his time reading in the library of his family home, and developed a great interest in history, geography, literature, philosophy and the natural sciences.

Ampère had mastered all known mathematics by the age of 12. He did not start to read elementary mathematics books until 13 years old. However Ampère was always very confident in his own abilities and he certainly began to develop his own mathematical ideas.

Fun FactsBirth Place/Date 20 January 1775 AD Parish of St. Nizier, Lyon, FranceDeath Place/Date 10 June 1836 Marseille, FranceEducation École PolytechniqueDiscoveriesClassical Electromagnetism

Hello,I am André-Marie Ampère

The Ampere Symbol


Bourg Ecole Centrale


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