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The followers of the Raiderswere also beaten by the prisoners with clubs until close to death. In the film they were released without being harmed.

Andersonville was one of the worst Confederate prisons during the Civil War. Approximately 45,000 Union prisoners of war were held between February, 1864 and May, 1865. 13,000 of those men died from starvation, scurvy, diarrhea and dysentery.

The young drummer boy Patrick Shea was labeled as one of the "oldest members of the prison" and was said to have survived since the day Andersonville opened. Without proper nourishment, Patrick Shea was actually one of the first prisoners to die.

Patrick Shea



The Raiders seen in the movie "Andersonville" terrorized the other prisoners for months. Their characters were actually based on real people, but in reality, most of the Raiders only stayed in the prison for a few weeks before dying.

The Raiders

The main characters of the film, including Josiah Day, Sgt. McSpadden and many others, entered the prison wearing their official Union jackets. Guards actually confiscated all uniforms, blankets, tents and additonal supplies from soldiers before they entered the prison.

During the credits of the film, Captain Wirz was said to have been the only person tried and hung for war crimes. 1000 people were actually tried alongside Wirz for additional charges and some were sentenced to death as well.

Captain Wirz


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