Anciet Egypt

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Anciet Egypt

Hieroglyphics and Symbolism Egyptian writing is called hieroglyphics instead of using words and writing they use pictures as writing and acts and sounds as words there are over 700 pictures. Symbols like an anch mean key of life.Another would be a straight beard which means important and deserves respect. Pharoh crown means he is a pharoh . And pharohs are allowed to go to the under world/ after life. Women were not allowed to write hieroglyphics but they were allowed to read them.(Hieroglyphics A-Z)book.

Ancient Egypt by:Rafi Chavez

Intruduction Today I will be talking about pyramids that are huge, hieroglyphics that cool writing, and Symbolism cool cumminacations and achitecture egyptians put alot of time and effort in these buildings they created. Egypt is located in Africa next to Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Libya. Im talking about Egypt way long ago like 5000 years long ago. I hope you learn and enjoy my project.

Archihitecture Architecture were built of stone. To make the strong and wealthy they had to use large blocks stone, granite, limestone, and sandstone. "Only pillars were used to sustan short stone support." Ramps were made to allow workmen to carry stone to the top of the structure and also Decorate it. Architecture starts out basic and gets more complex for example little shack to pyramids. Pyramids are complex and a little shack is not complex.(

Pyramids One of the most amazind things in Egypt are the pyramids that are there. The size is huge the area is huge also. Now that just means that the egyptians really loved the gods that they believed and also that they are very hard working. They built the pyramids so high so they could put very important people in there. For example King Tut was important so when he died he went through mummifactions then into a sarcophagus then to the pyramids. Fun fact sarcophagus means consume flesh of corpses.(

Conclusion Now i hoped you learned something. Something about the architecture or pyramids. Thank you for listnening to my speech.Have nice day. Book A-Z hieroglyphics


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