Ancient Sparta

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Ancient Sparta


Spartans were Polytheistic.The Spartans believed in the Olympians.The Spartans' favourite gods were Ares and Apollo the gods of war.Hyakinthia was a major festival in the Spartan calendar that lasted for three days.



Social Class



The Spartans were involved in the Olympic Games of Greece.Spartans valued education; they studied subjects like reading, writing, music, philosophy and of course athletics and sports.Sparta was the most renowned in its time for its poetry, music, and dance.Spartans would make mini sculputures out of bronze.

Sparta had four different branches.Sparta had Co-Kings (1 of them were commander in chief of the army).Sparta had Gerontes or Gerousia (riche elders that were in charge of the Court of Criminal Justice).Sparta had Ephors (5 members, that ran the supreme court, and were the most powerful branch).Appella or Demos (assembly of people who did the electing).

Sparta discouraged trade.The Helots were the ones that did all the hard work of agriculture.Cereal, wheat, and grain are the crops that Sparta were best at growing.

Sparta made many streets.Spartans made stadiums, temples, altars, and many more structures.Spartans would use wood, sand, and stone to build structures.

Spartans had 3 different social classes.Spartiates: Born into or adopted by a Spartan family. Could hold office and vote in the Assembly. Owned land and paid communuty fees. Were full-time soldiers, supported by estates.Perioeci: Had no Spartan parents or was an untrained adult Spartan. Had legal protections. Could not own land or vote. Were merchants and artisans.Helots: Born as slaves, descended from the firs inhabitants of the region. Severely oppressed by Spartiates. Worked the land and supported Spartiate families. Could own some personal property.



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