Ancient Rome's Extraordinary Colosseum

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Ancient Rome's Extraordinary Colosseum

Ancient Rome's Extraordinary Colosseum

The extraordinary Closseum before accident.

The extraordinary Closseum after accident.

Acient Rome is such an amazing civilazation that many people are interested in, because it has so much attractions and one of them are, the extraordinary Closseum.


Amazing Fights:

There are so many amazing fights in the closseum, like the gladior and the exotic creatures, slaves vs criminals and so much more. But, the crowds favourite is the gladior vs the exotic creatures. Some people even bet their money on their favourite slave or gladior. Also, the good thing is that when you win a battle you can be set free but, only for the criminals and slaves. But the bad thing is it's a battle to the death, so it's a win, lose compettion, and a really big risk.

~80 enterences ~Biggest amphitheater in world ~Maze underground ~Tunnels underground ~Chambers underground ~Wild beasts in cages ~Prisoners in jail cells ~Fought to death ~Secret passages underground ~50 metres tall

Fast Facts:


Therefore the Closseum is such an amazing place to visit. But sadly, it was destroyed a long time ago by a natural disaster. But the Closseum will always be remembered and tresured.


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