Ancient Rome

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Ancient History

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Ancient Rome

This is the famous coloseum of ancient Rome.This is were the infamous gladiator battles were held. In the gladiator battles, gladiators would fight against lions. If a gladiator survived 3 years in the ring he would be set free from his gladiator duties. The coloseum was more than just a battleground. The coloseum was a major source of entertainment for the early Romans because there was usually no for admission and bread in the arena. The means the people of Rome could be content with the government. Even thought it is mostly known for its gladiators, The coloseum also held chariot racing. These two popular games could be held with the help of its capacity of 50,000 people.

The Roman daily life still remains much of a mystery. Archaeologists get mos of their clues from the City of Pompeii.Pompeii was a flourishing city in Ancient Roman times. However, the cit was located right next to an inactive shield volcano. Over time, without anyone noticing, the volcano built up and erupted. The whole City was sweep away by the ash the volcano had left. Because of this archaeologists now know that in the Roman city that temples, government buildings. The city also had a marketplace for trading goods.

The Ancient Roman people were relatable to people of other civilazations. The people were divided into levels of social status similar to the Indian Caste system. However, a persons social status was not static. People on the bottom like slaves could buy their freedom from their owners.

The Roman had a short life expectancy. Diseases were common little knowldege about medicine was know. Because of this the Romans decided to honor the death in two ways. By Creamation and Inhumanation. Creamation is the process of burning the body. Some people stored the ashes in urns and buried them outside the city walls. Overtime inhumantion has become more popular. Inhumantion is the process of burying the dead body intact.

Roman mythology was mainly based off of different cultures that they conquered and explored. In Roman mythology Jupitor was the god of the sky and Juno was his wife. In order to please the gods each house had a shrine called a lararium, were the would pray to the gods. Sacrifices and ceremonies were also held in memories of the gods.

The Roman military was divided into two sections. Auxiliary Troops and the Legion. The legions were more trained soldiers while Auxiliaries were volunteers. A soldier would serve for 20-25 years at a time. If he came back alive after 20-25 he would receive a piece of land of newly conquered area aswell as a small pension. Legions were usually patricians and had their own individual name. Auxiliary soldiers were usually Plebians or people of lower class. Officers were always people of higher class or Patricians.

In Ancient Roman times housing wasn't much different than it is today. If a Plebian owned a businesss usually they would live above the business. Today, Many people still do that. In apartments the interior is much different. Plebians were lucky if they were able to get running water, Not hot water, running water. Sometimes people would have 15-20 People in one room! You Eat, Sleep, and Cook in the same room. There was no privacy either! There were public bathrooms were there was nothing covering you.

This is a picture coming from the legend of Romulus and Remus. In the legend of Romulus and Remus two demigod twins are born. They are destined to be the rulers of a new city. But, they don't know which one of them shall rule. They get in an argument over who should be ruler. 6 Vultures fly over Remus' head. Then, 14 Vultures fly over Romulus' head meaning he had won the argument. Like the sore loser he is Remus started complaining. Romulus , in his rage, decided to throw his sword at him. Unexpectedly the sword pierced Remus' body and killed him.

For the Roman's writing was a very important tool to them. The Romans adopt their language from the Etruscans. Although, Most people did not know how to write because a majority of the population did not go to school, there were many scrolls containing the ancient Roman language. For the rare amount of people who did go to school they learned to write by scratching a waxed slab with a stylus, or a stick used for writing.

Although fashion today is not restricted in ancient Rome it was. Only male citizens of Rome were allowed to wear togas, and men could only wear one piece of jewelry. However, everybody could wear a simple loincloth called a subligaculum. Togas were very expensive and were used to represent wealth and social status. Different colored togas were used for different occasions. As for facial hair, men shaved all of their hair.

Ancient Rome is located in the province of Lazio in modern-day Italy. Rome's location was perfect for a civilazation because it was located in a central area and had an active water source; The Tiber River. Rome was also in a good spot because it had a natural barrier surrounding it. This prevented invaders from coming close to the civilazation.

Roman government is very similiar to The USA's government. Infact it was the model for our modern government. Members of the Senate were patricians and the assembly was voted by people of plebian class. To become a consul you must be voted by a majority of the population. Consuls would later decide who would be in charge of the Senate. The senate served for life at a time.

In a Roman's private life their house was usually lit by an oil lamp. Patricians lived in houses called ¨Atrium¨ houses. Since Patricians were not the Majority of the people most people lived in apartment complexes. These people were the Plebians.

A Roman's daily life consists of a day at the Baths. the baths is a pool of water where the Romans could bathe. Some poeple spent their time at school or a siesta. When it came to cooking poor people were given free food by the Roman governmnet to keep the poor happy.

The Roman culture was based off of Greek culture. Medusa is a legend that is originally Greek but has been adapted and is now also told by the Romans. You can tell this because Greek gods and Roman gods have the same purpose but, they have different names.

Ancient Rome by Issa Sommers


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