Ancient Rome

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Ancient History

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Ancient Rome

Roman government was a big part of Rome there were consuls, magistrates and senators that worked under Roman government

Rome's army started out with small raids on towns and went on to city states like Athens.But to join the army you have to be 16-46 to join and fight.

Augustus was the first Roman Emperor, he was also the adopted son of Julius Caesar. The way that Agustus got his role is because he helped win the civil war

R0man woman had almost no rights, in Rome they were ment to work in the house but woman also could not vote for the next leader in Rome, But woman could get the will if their husband dies and they also can own land

Ancient RomeSenatorBy:Vincent Cercone

Senators had full control of the Roman army since they played a big role in roman goverment

Citizens in Rome were called Plebeians but to be a Plebeian you have to be a free male citizen, foreigners and woman were not considered citizens of Rome

Julius Caesar is the father of Augstus, and also played a big role in the demise of Roman Republic, and also had unmatched military power.

Rome gave us order and democracy, but modern government is very different from what the city of Rome had used.


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